The Bursa Malaysia enhanced Sustainability Reporting Framework, issued on 26 September 2022, requires a Listed Issuer (PLC) to report on 11 mandatory common material sustainability matters and indicators that affect the Group’s Economic, Environmental and Social elements or ESG.

Commencing year ended 31 December 2023, the Sustainability Statement or Report of Listed Issuers must include a statement on whether the Sustainability Statement has been assured i.e. the Statement of Assurance.

ESG Disclosures and Sustainability Report Assurance is a service designed to provide independent verification and assurance on ESG disclosures and the Sustainability Report. We ensure that the common material sustainability matters and ESG information disclosed and reported is reliable and accurate in line with the requirements of regulatory reporting and accepted assurance standards.
The Assurance Standards we adhere to in our assurance services are dominant assurance standards namely ISAE 3000 and AA1000 Assurance Standard.

The AA 1000 Assurance Standard is a methodology used for sustainability-related assurance. Our Assurance Engagement will be conducted in line with AccountAbility Principles.

We provide the Statement of Assurance and disclose our conclusion on the Sustainability Report.